Pricing - Web Design & Development

Free or discounted work is always available to small businesses and organizations in need. Please contact me for more information.

All of my websites are built from scratch. I don't use pre-purchased templates or stock materials, everything is specifically designed for your project.

Standard Service Rates

I typically work on an hourly basis. This gives us the freedom to control the cost more specifically, and in most cases saves you money.

My standard rate is $85 per hour. However, this rate is flexible on a per-contract basis depending on the nature and intensity of the work requested.

Specialty services, such as rush services, on-site consultation and other "house calls" carry a fee of $125 per hour.

Price Examples

As a general reference, simple websites with 4 to 8 informational pages require between 8 and 12 hours to complete. $600-$1,000

The more complex the website is, or the more advanced features you desire, the more hours it will take to develop. Check out my "Website Portfolio" page for a few more price examples.

Please contact me today so that I can provide a custom estimate for your project specifically.

Other Expenses

Website Hosting

In most cases, you'll need to pay a web host. Simply put, the web host "stores" your website on the internet and makes it available to users.

I always use a third party web host registered in your name. I'm not equipped to be a website host, and it's important to me that when the website is complete you own all of your own files and information.


In some cases, it may be more cost-effective to purchase a software package (such as a CMS or commerce package) rather than "re-invent the wheel". In such a case, the cost usually runs from $0 to $250. Before we begin your project, I'll discuss the available options and price differences with you.

Additional Information

The rates here are intended to be guidelines. All are flexible based on the nature and intensity of the work desired.

Although I prefer to work on an hourly basis, project rates are available in some cases. Please contact me to discuss your project.