Self-Published Book Marketing

Writing a great book is one thing. Getting people to buy that book is another arena.

I am available to help you market your book. Our marketing approach depends on your budget, but there is always a solution.

Please contact me today to discuss your book project.

Internet Marketing

In today's world, books are sold on the internet. The popularity of e-readers is only increasing.

Understanding how to market your book on the internet is complex. I can help.

Does your book need a website? Maybe. Should you use pay-per-click advertising? Maybe. Should you...

We need to look at the content and subject of your book, and figure out a realistic marketing budget to achieve your sales goals. The approach for this is different for each book.

Internet Marketplace

There are so many different ways to market and sell your book on the internet. Are you capturing all of the marketplaces that are suited for your title?

Together, we can look at your book title and your current revenue margins and find the ideal places to sell your book.

Traditional Marketing

Whether you need assistance putting together a media package with press releases and information, or you need help designing an ad for a print publication, I can help you do it effectively.

When it comes to press kits, in most cases you only have one shot. Journalists and news directors are going to look at it once, and either pursue your material or disregard future correspondence from you. Let me help you make sure that you're correctly presenting the appropriate information.

I am also available for a variety of traditional design services, including advertisement design, branded materials and even promotional apparel.

Retailers & Distribution

The world of brick-and-mortar book retailing is quickly changing. I'd like to help you find ways to successfully sell your book along traditional avenues.

Together, we can decide if a traditional distributor is right for you and the proper steps to take, or if there might be non-traditional alternatives available to your self-published book to get it on store shelves.

Contact Me

The book market is changing quickly. It's a fast-paced, multi-faceted arena that requires a lot of expertise to navigate successfully.

I strongly urge you not to go-it-alone. Please contact me today to discuss your book project.