Book Self-Publishing Services

As the director, production editor and lead book designer for Columbus Creative Cooperative (, as well as a designer and marketer for a prominent New York Times Best-Selling Author, I can provide the services you need to professionally publish your book.

I'm available to provide the services that you need. I can design your book cover, design and layout the interior text, and convert your book to e-book and place it for sale for Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, iPad and Google Books. In association with Columbus Creative Cooperative, I can connect you with a suitable editor for your book type and genre, and have it proofread as well. I can help you develop an effective, affordable marketing plan for your book. I can even have your book professionally printed and distributed.

There's such a big difference between a professionally produced book, and a home-made (or internet program) created book, and it will affect the success of your work. Whether you're a first-time author who would like to self publish, or a publisher or organization looking to outsource your design or editing, I'd like to help.

I am available to provide one of these services to you, or all of them, and always at an affordable rate. Please contact me to discuss your book project today.

Book Publishing Services - Columbus, Ohio

I can provide the following services for your book publishing project.

Book Layout & Design

Your book deserves a custom-designed cover that will accurately and effectively represent the book's content. The text inside of your book needs to be carefully placed and styled to your specifications, not simply spit out onto the page. Learn more about my book design services.

E-Book Conversion & Placement

The four biggest e-book markets are Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, iTunes iBookstore (iPad), and Google Books. I can help you correctly convert your book and place it in each market. Learn more.

Book Printing

Printing a book can be a frustrating experience, even when you already have a great PDF of your book and cover. Let me make it easy on you and print your book for you, whether you want to print 10 copies or 10,000 copies. Learn more.

We can also look at the scope of your project and come up with a plan to get your book into the right retailers.

Editing & Proofreading

Proper editing and proofreading are the biggest issues that separate successful, professionally published books from their self-published counterparts.

Together, we can look at the quality, genre and format of your text, as well as your budget, to take your book to a professional level. Working with the editors of Columbus Creative Cooperative, we'll locate the best candidate to serve as the editor for your project.

Columbus Creative Cooperative also employs a professional proofreader to catch typos and small mistakes in the print-ready copy. This step is vital to a professional book.

Please contact me today to discuss editing and proofreading your book.

Self-Published Book Marketing

Writing a great book is one thing, marketing it is a whole new game for most writers.

I would love to help you develop and implement a plan tailored to your project and affordable for you, that will sell your book. Learn more.

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Publishing books is confusing and sometimes difficult. Unfortunately, writing a great book isn't enough, there's so much more to it.

What's an ISBN? What's an ePUB? How do I sell my book on Amazon? How much does it cost to print my book?

If you're asking these kinds of questions, please contact me today so that I can help you move your project towards successful publication.