Book Publishing

A significant portion of our clients are in the book publishing industry. As such, we operate our publishing business under the following brands.

Columbus Publishing Lab

Columbus Publishing Lab provides book production services—from editing and design to distribution and marketing—for self-publishers and small presses around the world. Our affordable rates, impeccable production standards, and commitment to honesty have permitted us to grow our staff to include expertise in every area of the publishing process.

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Boyle & Dalton

Boyle & Dalton is a hybrid publisher, and an innovative publishing method developed by Brad Pauquette. The model maintains the quality standards, vetting and selection process of traditional publishing, but incorporates the financial model of modern independent publishing. This results in a partnership between the author and the publisher in which quality standards are maintained, the author nets high royalties (typically 1000% the industry standard rate), while the publisher is protected from risk and market volatility.

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Columbus Press

Columbus Press is a conventional small press. We seek out exceptional manuscripts, purchase them and fully fund the production process and marketing. While the press is open to manuscripts of all genres, our emphasis is on gritty, redemptive literature that demonstrates the power of a risen Jesus in a broken modern world.

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Columbus Creative Cooperative

Columbus Creative Cooperative is a community-driven writers' resource and publishing house. We print anthologies of short stories by local writers, as well as provide resources to the Central Ohio writers’ community online and through local events.

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