About Brad Pauquette - Columbus, Ohio Web Developer

I have been an independent web developer and graphic designer since February of 2008. During that time I've worked with businesses of all types and sizes, but have specialized in small business, micro-enterprise and e-business start-ups.

In 2010, I added book design, marketing and e-book management to my services.

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My Professional Background

In 2007, I was hired as a web editor at NBC 4 in Columbus, Ohio (WCMH), based on my previous experience. I was responsible for the technical and design aspects of NBC4i.com. I also launched the television station's first blog website, www.WCMHblogs.com, taking the project from start to finish.

In February of 2008, I left NBC to commence my freelance career and travel around the United States.

Since that time I have designed many commercial websites as a freelancer, and devoted much of my time to free and charitable work for small businesses and non-profit organizations.

Services Available

As a full-service designer and consultant, I provide the following services: Website Design & Development, Graphic and Logo Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing, Programming & Development, Small Business Consultation, Business Plan Development and Review, Publication & Print Design, E-Book Conversion, Book Marketing and other internet and publishing related consultation services.

Our Personal Outlook

I live with my wife, Melissa, and our son, Theodore (born in October of 2009), on the Near East Side of Columbus, OH.

We've made a decision to live a meager lifestyle and rehab an abandoned house in an impoverished neighborhood, based on Jesus' teaching of poverty, humility, love and generosity. Please see our blog, SimplyOneLife.org for more information on our lifestyle.

As a family, we're committed to developing long-lasting, effective relationships in our community.

My Ventures

In addition to helping dozens of small businesses on their path, I've had no shortage of personal ventures.

Fresh out of high school, I started an independent, alternative newspaper at Ohio University. Though marginally profitable, in my young zeal for decentralization, the project failed to maintain an active volunteer contributor base.

Shortly thereafter, a friend of mine and I went into the online retail business selling fine tobacco hookahs (the middle eastern pipes with the hoses, think caterpillar - Alice in Wonderland). Our enthusiasm was, unfortunately, not enough to overcome a critical mistake, failure to research the market before we stepped in. We managed to break even, and then we called it quits.

Another online publication, some mainstream endeavors and a few more years, and that brings me to the present day. In the words of someone famous, "Never trust an expert that hasn't failed at his own craft at least twice". OK, I admit it, I just made that up.

I've learned a lot of lessons in my few years, and through it all I've learned what makes a successful business model.

I've had the privilege of observing many business models and methods as a freelance designer and consultant, and have piled the lessons of each onto my personal experience.

Currently, in addition to my successful web design business, my wife and I also own and operate Melissa Pauquette Photography, a wedding and portrait photography business, Columbus Creative Cooperative, a local writers' resource and independent publisher, and The Water Cycle Project, a zero-overhead non-profit that raises money to drill fresh water wells in India.

I Understand Small Business

I know what you're thinking, because I've been in your shoes.

Whether you're an established brick and mortar business, or a newbie with an idea for an online venture, I understand your goals. I understand how to be sensitive to your zeal and sense of ownership, while still providing the tools and guidance to make your project realistic.

I understand what it's like to approach the market with very little capital, knowing that every dollar has to hit its mark or the project won't succeed.

The Services You Desire

For all of this about my personal experience, I'm here to provide only what you request.

I know that a lot of clients aren't hiring a consultant to look over their shoulder, they know what they want and all they need is someone to put their exact vision into practice.

I'm happy to silently follow your instructions if that's what you're looking for. But if you do want the benefit of my vast small business experience, that's available to you as well.

You're the boss. This is your vision. This is your project. I'm here to follow your instructions, provide my insight when requested, and put your plan into action at the lowest, most honest price available.

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