About Pauquette ltd

Based in Zanesville, Ohio, Pauquette ltd is an experienced web marketing company serving small businesses.

Founded in 2008, Pauquette ltd has helped hundreds of clients successfully capitalize on their web marketing.

Brad and Melissa Pauquette Zanesville Ohio

We have developed websites for clients of all sizes, including custom coding of advanced APIs and integrations. From book authors to restaurants to freight companies, we have boosted our clients into profitability by taking advantage of scalable marketing opportunities on the internet.

Pauquette ltd is owned by Brad and Melissa Pauquette. Brad and Melissa live on a small, all-natural farm just outside of Zanesville, Ohio with their four children and Melissa’s grandmother.

We presently serve clients in Zanesville, Columbus, and Newark, as well as remote clients around the United States. We love finding simple solutions for complex challenges.

Pauquette ltd also operates as Columbus Publishing Lab, Boyle & Dalton, Columbus Press, Melissa Pauquette Photography and Brad Pauquette Design. While it functions like an independent, community-driven non-profit, Columbus Creative Cooperative is also a wholly owned subsidiary of Pauquette ltd.